Big software discovers little gadgets: What I learned at Oracle’s OpenWorld


I dropped in on Oracle OpenWorld earlier this month, a lonely mobile analyst in a sea of big iron and ERP. Given the balance of Oracle’s revenues, I was surprised to see how much stage time the company gave to small devices that move. A lot of what it showed was scheduled for future releases, so take that as you will, but even if it’s hype, it shows us where Oracle and its big enterprise cohorts are headed.

Here’s what I took away from the show.

Mobile app development is still a thing

Some day, when innovation slows and operating systems converge, mobile app development will cease to be its own thing. Today’s MADP, MBaaS, or other pop-an-M-on-the-front acronym will become a subset of tomorrow’s PaaS. But that day is not today. There’s a lot of life left in mobile developer tools and back-end services, but the window for entry…

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