#Gamergate Shows Tech Needs Far Better Algorithms


If #Gamergate teaches us anything — beyond, of course, vastly obvious observations about the toxicity of certain Internet demographics (which is hardly new news) — it’s that algorithms and formulaic behaviour can and are being gamed.

This is especially obvious in this sorry saga (for a detailed breakdown of Gamergate I recommend reading this excellent post; I won’t be rehashing the specific events here) because the players involved are exactly that: gamers. This rage-ful, over-entitled, Internet-connected fraternity of kids share one core skill: playing games. Little wonder, then, they have proved so expert at driving a toxic hellbrew of misogyny into the mainstream media — and all over social media — by gaming popular online channels using a sophisticated playbook of disruption.

Of course they have been able to do this. These individuals’ hobby is examining virtual structures for weaknesses they can exploit with digital weapons in order to progress to the next level.

Gamergate’s players have…

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